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Camfrog Pro Multi ID v5.1

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For those who know not what camfrog, camfrog is one of the software from the instant messages that have been there in the internet world, where we can interact inside the text, streaming video and audio streaming.
"Room" which is owned by camfrog have a unique meaning in a room can accommodate approximately 1000 users more. One of the advantages of Camfrog is if we want to see the camera user, we do not need to ask permission from that person.

Camfrog divided into two, namely Camfrog Pro and Camfrog usual. The difference is in the normal Camfrog does not have some features Camfrog Pro, among others:

1. No other users can view more than one (multi-view cam).
2. Can not resize the video screen.
3. Can not add the text on our camera.
4. Can not find the location where the user we have added in the list.

Download Camfrog Pro Multi ID v5.1

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